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Welcome to the UME Lab

We’re all about asking big questions and imagining what’s next. The UME Lab is where we go to explore emerging ideas, test new practices, and share our latest creations.


Your Leadership Health Check

Leadership comes with big responsibilities. It asks us to build a vision from the ground-up. Respond to changing dynamics. And develop a culture that supports both individual well-being and collective performance.


Your Business Health Check

You can’t have a strong brand without a solid business backing it up. Understanding the bones of your business empowers you to strengthen your strategic foundation, reach your goals and build a healthy, sustainable, thriving organization.


Your Brand Health Check⁠⁠

Ready for your brand check-up? Here are five key questions that our Brand Director, Eve Smith, recommends you ask yourself every quarter. ⁠⁠


5 Lessons for Taking Your Brand to The Next Level

Last year we decided to ask ourselves some big questions — questions that we usually ask our clients, like: Who are we? Why do we show up? What’s our work in the world? Applying the creative process to ourselves taught us a thing or two about taking our own medicine. Here is what we learned.


The Case for Integrating Business, Brand & Leadership

What kind of future are you working toward? Are your business, brand and leadership aligning and firing up to get you there? At UME, we see the three pillars of business, brand and leadership as inextricably linked and essential for success. Find out more about our approach and get useful...

Business, Brand & Leadership

UME x Local Roots: The Future of Food Is Regenerative

Our modern food system is responsible for 24% of global greenhouse gas emissions (EPA, 2010). We are losing soil up to 100 times faster than it is forming (IPCC Report, UN, 2019). In 2019, the tropics lost close to 30 soccer fields’ worth of trees every single minute, most of it in the name of ...


Roadmap to Resilient Growth

In this special 3-week Growth Immersion, you’ll get private access to our brilliant and experienced directors. Together, we’ll assess your business, brand and marketing to create a vision and step-by-step Roadmap for how to grow and thrive in 2020 and beyond.