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Leadership comes with big responsibilities. It asks us to build a vision from the ground-up. Respond to changing dynamics. And develop a culture that supports both individual well-being and collective performance.  

As a leader, living up to those responsibilities takes self-awareness. Self-awareness about who we are and where we want to grow as individuals. From that honest, clear-eyed space, we can begin to see our own challenges, design supportive structures, and chart our own growth pathways — for the sake of the entire organization.

Ready to dig in? Here are three questions that our inspiring founder and Leadership Director, Jee Chang, recommends for finding greater self-awareness and strengthening your leadership. 


How are your personal values embodied in your leadership style?


How does your leadership style support or hinder the type of culture you want to create in your organization?


What beliefs have been holding you back? Where are you ready to ask for help? 

If you’re interested in strengthening your leadership, reach out. The UME team is always here for you.

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