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Uptake Alliance logo layered on an aerial view of water and land

Scaling climate tech

UPTAKE ALLIANCE / Brand Strategy, Naming, Visual Identity, Website UX & Design, Website Development, Messaging & Positioning

Empowering every next generation

AMERICA'S PROMISE ALLIANCE / Benchmarking, Stakeholder Research, Brand Strategy, Brand Architecture, Visual Identity, Messaging

A future powered by participants

MINA FOUNDATION / Brand Strategy, Brand Architecture, Visual Identity, Strategic Planning, Leadership Development

Investing in the new economy

SHORT LIST CAPITAL / Brand Strategy, Visual Identity, Photo Production, Photo Art Direction, Website A-Z

Nourishing all of us

IIN / Brand Strategy, Product Marketing, Naming, Identity

Growing the regenerative revolution

Local roots / Brand Expansion, Naming, Identity, Website
Mina logo on top of gradient background

Launching the lightest blockchain

Mina / Brand Strategy, Naming, Identity, Website, Leadership

Turning tights upside down

GARNI / Brand Strategy, Naming, Identity, E-Commerce Website, Social Strategy

Reimagining the future of food

Local roots / Business Strategy, Brand Positioning, E-Commerce Website, Organization Capacity Building

Giving girls a leg up

grasshoppher / Business Coaching, Growth Strategy, Brand Strategy, Creative Direction

Making swimwear a sisterhood

MOLOCO / Business Planning, E-Commerce Website, Leadership Development

Giving customers a taste, online

PLYMOUTH CHEESE / Brand Positioning, E-Commerce Website

Reviving a piece of New York history

Food / Brand Strategy, Identity, Packaging, In-Store Environmental Design, Website

Sparking exploration in education

Education / Brand Strategy, Identity, Environmental Design

Fighting for justice

FREE JARVIS / Brand Strategy, Website, Social Strategy

Elevating our potential

triveni / Brand Strategy, Identity, Website

Capturing romance and nostalgia

PAMELA MUNSON / Brand Strategy, Creative Direction, Photo Art Direction, Content Strategy

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