IIN: Health Coach Training Program

Creating a culture that nourishes all of us

The Institute for Integrative Nutrition was founded 30 years ago based on  a remarkable and innovative vision for health. Since then, the organization has grown into one of the largest and most influential players in the space. But in recent years, interest in health coaching has skyrocketed — and so has a surge of new competitors. With a stream of fresh offerings in the market, the institute reached out to UME to reposition its signature Health Coach Training Program and help them maintain their edge. 

Strategic Solution

There is no tension, only integration

When IIN started 30 years ago, integrative health was a relatively new concept. It made sense to over-index on the clinical to build credibility. But today, holistic views are part of mainstream culture. The UME team saw an opportunity to own the idea of integration and to redefine the program’s core concepts — what it means to be nourished, healthy and integrated — with fresh creative expression. Rekindling the institute’s pioneering spirit by focusing on the future of health and highlighting what it means to feed every aspect of our lives, from the physical to the spiritual.

Design Solution


The visual identity is all about how it feels to live an integrated life. To blur the lines between head and heart, work and play, heaven and earth. It embodies balance and flow through the harmonious merging and smooth blending of color, light and shadow. The color system takes The Integrative Institute for Nutrition’s core red and expands on the palette in order to give the Health Coach Training Program a distinct yet integrated look and feel. Furthermore, it includes color gradients in order to create interesting transitions and serves as an ownable treatment that differentiates the product. 

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