Modernizing mentorship & giving girls a leg up

GrasshoppHer helps girls and young women reach beyond their circumstances to connect with new communities, schools, networks and places of work —in effect, democratizing career opportunities. As a mentoring project in its early stages of development, UME helped to map and clarify the growth strategy for the MVP product and develop a brand strategy, messaging and creative direction for the organization. The result is a brand narrative that is clear enough to stand out and engage key audiences and flexible enough to adapt as the project evolves.  


Giving Girls a Leg Up

To stay focused and break through the clutter, our brand positioning connects the dots from the name to the unique value the organization provides: bringing forward-thinking women together to inspire, coach, and give each other a leg up.

Creative Direction

Flexible Framework

Given its wide-ranging audiences — from enterprise partners and working professionals to girls and young women looking for their first big break — UME created a cool and cohesive look and feel that could modulate and flex based on the scenario. Communications targeting young women are more playful, while those targeting enterprise partners shift to show more restraint.

It was a pleasure working with UME. We reference our work with them on a daily basis. They provided us with a brand map that will continue to serve us as we scale and evolve.”

Heather miller, founder & ceo

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