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Your Brand Health Check⁠⁠


As branders, everything we create — every color, message and experience — is an expression of the brand essence.  This alignment and cohesion helps your brand stand out, attract the right people, build trust and bring your vision to life. When you finally distill your brand to its essence, a whole universe unfolds. 

However, once you've established your foundational strategy and assets, the work isn't over. That's because your brand lives in a dynamic, interconnected ecosystem — and it’s important to regularly revisit your brand as your business grows and markets shift. Because that’s how you make sure that you’re continuing to stand out, stay relevant and stay true.

Ready for your brand check-up? Here are five key questions that our Brand Director, Eve Smith, recommends you ask yourself every quarter. ⁠⁠


What future is your organization working to create?  ⁠⁠⁠Where are you leading us? 


Who is your audience? When it comes to your category, what do they need and want most?⁠⁠ Are you delivering? 


What can your audience always count on you to do for them? ⁠⁠


Can you pinpoint the single most important attribute that sets you apart from your competition? The one thing you hope your audience remembers about you? ⁠⁠⁠⁠


What “big idea” captures why you exist? Hint: It should be compelling to your audiences, unique in the marketplace and true to the core of who you are.⁠⁠

Interested in elevating your brand? Just reach out! The UME team is here for you.

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