Short List Capital

Investing in the new economy

Short List Capital is a collective of six industry veterans who share a passion for investing in companies that are reimagining how we live. As successful women in business, each had experienced firsthand the transactional culture surrounding venture capital. They founded Short List Capital on the belief that investors can bring more than capital injection — they can be powerful partners and intentional collaborators. As their portfolio grew and the collective took shape, they reached out to UME to help take Short List Capital to the next level. Together, we worked to elevate the brand to reflect their unique value and aspirations.

Strategic CONCEPT

Taking a seat at the table

When it comes to investing, women don’t always have a seat at the table. Short List Capital is a sophisticated collective that leverages the unique perspectives of its members in order to make bold moves. Because they bring their full selves as mothers, entrepreneurs, women and friends, they are able to identify hidden gems — talent that is often overlooked by more traditional funds. They lead from a place that is generous, cooperative and thoughtful, sharing information, imparting advice, and making introductions. They approach every deal with intention. Together, we worked on creating a brand that elevates this unique quality and empowers them to continue investing in ideas that are changing industries, reimagining efficiencies for humankind and planet earth, and creating joy in people’s lives. 


Finding hidden gems

The visual identity is inspired by Short List Capital’s cooperative and supportive nature. It is about how their unique perspective is the key to them finding and investing in undiscovered ‘gems’. It utilizes a color palette that feels grounded and warm, and a confident accent color which speaks to passion and boldness. Paired with elegant typography, we were able to convey a sense of trustworthiness and leadership. The typographic system provides an opportunity to showcase the ability of Short List to be a light in the room. In order to take it to the next level, our design team also customized the title dot on the ‘i’ to look like a diamond, hinting at the collective’s uniqueness and eye for finding the ‘gems’ that make up their portfolio. We also imagined it as a north star for the brand. A dynamic element with a hint of spark, always pointing forward. Overall, the brand has a sense of sophistication that is both subtle and sharp. It thoughtfully captures feminine power and how Short List is paving the way for unconventional thinking. 


Bringing it all together

UME designed and developed a website that showcases Short List’s individual and collective personalities. It is a simple, clear and direct tool that allows them to easily communicate who they are, what they stand for and where they invest. We also conceptualized, art directed and produced a custom photo shoot (all during covid — massive thanks to our miracle-worker of a producer who made it all happen safely!) allowing them to put their best foot forward. 

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